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When deciding whether to rent or buy a marina berth in Spain, France or Italy, it is important to note that even if you owned a marina berth, there are few marinas that will allow you to rent the berth out and take income from that rental. In fact, any income from an empty berth may be kept by the marina operator, despite the fact that a private individual might own it. However, this does mean that renting a berth may not necessarily give you security of tenure.

Whilst there may be empty berths in a particular marina, these are possibly owned by someone else and the marina operator will be quite happy to rent it to you - But should the owner want his berth back, either to sell it, or place his own boat on it, you will be required to move immediately. Cleary in this situation there is very little one can do, other than to hope there is another berth of that size available to rent, or move the boat to another marina - which is just one of several reasons most boat owners prefer to buy their mooring. Click here to check out our 'rental V purchase' comparison chart to compare the difference.

It is true however, that there are many boat owners who have been in the same marina on a rented berth for years, but very often the marina will move the boat from one berth to another if it suits them. This is particularly so in the French marinas, where the marina operator will pay a portion of the rent to a private owner. This is only after a typical three day stay, after which the marina operator is very likely to move the boat to another berth to avoid having to pay the previous owner any of the rent.

Therefore, any rental berths advertised on our listings are ones where we have used our best endeavours to ensure, and have received confirmation as such from the owner, that the marina will allow the owner to rent the berth out to another boat owner. However we can take no responsibility, nor can we offer any guarantee that you will be allowed to stay on any berth rented via ourselves or shown on our listings, as some marina operators have been known to change their rules when a new local marina manager has been appointed, or the existing owner has subsequently made the decision to sell their berth without any prior reference to ourselves..

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