Marina berths and moorings for sale in the Mediterranean

Marina berths & moorings for sale in Spain

About buying a marina berth in Spain, France and Italy

When searching for a berth, you need to be aware that, just like property transactions in Spain, France and Italy most agents and berth brokers share their data and commissions with each other. The benefit to the owner is that their berth is seen by a much wider audience. However, although we all share data, we DO NOT share the name of people looking for berths.

This "sharing" of available berths often proves detrimental to prospective purchasers and sellers alike. For example, if a buyer happens to contact several berth brokers, it leads the seller or their agents to believe that there is more than one person after a berth of that type and size.

It is the supply and demand which affects the ultimate price of a berth, and should it appear that there are several people wanting to purchase a particular berth, even though it may be only one person in reality, it can lead to owners believing that the demand for their berth is greater than it really is. The effect of this, is that you may find yourself paying more for your berth than is necessary, or the seller becoming disappointed by not achieving his sale.

Even when you have identified a berth, it is extremely likely that the berth you find will also be on the listings of several other agents, leading you to the false impression that there are many marina berths available that meet your requirements, and that by shopping around you may find a similar berth that much cheaper. Unfortunately this is rarely the case as marina berths throughout the Mediterranean are in very short supply.

A report commissioned by the Spanish Government concluded that in 2005 a total of 2,276 yachts will be seeking berths in Andalucia alone, and by the year 2012 that figure will leap to over 5,000 yachts in just this one area. Similar pressure on available berths also applies to moorings in France, where in some instances it has been known for local French Mayors to prevent the sale of berths in their particular locality.

As can be appreciated by the above, those marina berths that do come onto the market are often snapped up quickly. Despite the current financial crisis, prices in the more desirable marinas are still holding firm, and in some cases still continuing to rise. And for those wishing to rent a berth, the chances of finding one is extremely difficult, especially so if you are trying to locate one from outside the preferred country.

There is also another point that you should be aware of when buying a berth. In Spain there is a 7% tax to pay on the declared amount of the price of the berth. In France, where the majority of berths are in effect shares in the marina, a 5.06% tax is charged, and in Italy, a 4% tax is generally applied.

In all these locations, it is advisable to use the services of a lawyer, who we can introduce you to if you don't have one.

Furthermore, it is a legal requirement that anyone wanting to buy a berth in Spain, will need an NIE number issued by the Spanish Authorities (This a Foreign Identification Number/ numero de identificacion de extranjero ) and is a necessity in all fiscal or legal matters in Spain, even if just buying a car.

These identification numbers are used to track individual's financial and official activities in Spain and is, to all extent and purpose, is equivalent to the DNI number each Spanish subject is given for national identification purposes. Your number is personal to you and is not transferable and neither does it expire. However, this can easily be arranged and obtained for you by the solicitor acting for you on the purchase of your berth.

Despite all of this, buying a berth in Spain, the Balearics, or anywhere else in the Mediterranean therefore makes sense. Not only should it increase in value over the term of the lease, but it also provides security of tenure, which is not always the case with a rented berth. Click here to search our listings.