Marina berths and moorings for sale in the Mediterranean

Marina berths & moorings for sale in Spain

Why buy a berth in the Mediterranean - Why not just rent?

Many owners dream of having their boat in the Mediterranean. Flat blue seas, better and warmer weather conditions than in their home country, a longer boating season and 300 plus days of sunshine are just some of their reasons. But the first question most ask themselves however, is "Do I buy or do I just rent a berth"?

There are many reasons why the majority of owners eventually decide to purchase a berth instead of renting one, but the availability of rented berths, security of tenure when renting, the annual increases in the berthing charges levied by marinas, and the capital value increase in berths, are the four primary factors.

To highlight the difference, the chart below compares rental to purchase prices for a typical 12 metre berth in a marina on the Costa del Sol. As can be seen, the purchase option shows that over the next 10 year period, it will cost absolutely nothing to moor a vessel. In fact, if the berth is sold in say 10 years time, there is even a 50,000 euro profit, as opposed to a total outlay of over 92,000 Euros for renting the same berth over the same ten year period.

Rental charges with just a 7% annual rental increase. Berth value with a 7% annual growth

Year 1 - 2009 Eur 6,700.00   Year 1 - 2009 Eur 75,000.00
Year 2 Eur 7,169.00   Year 2 Eur 80,250.00
Year 3 Eur 7,670.83   Year 3 Eur 85,867.50
Year 4 Eur 8,207.79   Year 4 Eur 91,878.23
Year 5 Eur 8,782.33   Year 5 Eur 98,309.70
Year 6 Eur 9,397.10   Year 6 Eur 105,191.38
Year 7 Eur 10,054.89   Year 7 Eur 112,554.78
Year 8 Eur 10,758.74   Year 8 Eur 120,433.61
Year 9 Eur 11,511.85   Year 9 Eur 128,863.96
Year 10 Eur 12,317.68   Year 10 Eur 137,884.44

Total rent paid 10 year period Eur 92,570.20 Value of berth year 10 Eur 137,884.44

    Profit Eur 62,884.44

    Less community charges Eur 12,000.00


    Actual profit Eur 50,884.44


      Average annual saving for 10 years
Annual rental cost - 10 years Eur 9,257.02 P.A   Eur -5,088.44