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Marina Berths (Moorings) for Sale or Rent in Tenerife 

A striking island visited by millions every year; Tenerife is a sought-after location for sunny getaways. This diverse island has a lot more to offer than its tourist resorts. The largest of the canary islands, Tenerife offers a tropical climate worth visiting anytime of the year. There is a considerable climate change between the north and the south, the landscape in the north is greener but comes with more rain and clouds. On the other side, the south is dry and offers comparably more sunshine. Its dormant volcano is Spain’s tallest peak.

There are many activities across the island to suit everyone. Tenerife is known for its Carnival de Santa Cruz, a huge pre-lent festival, showing locals and tourists with parades, music, dancing and colourful costumes, so hit it at the right time and unforgettable memories can be made

Visiting Tenerife by boat is always more enjoyable for those who really enjoy the sea. Housing over 30 ports and marinas, there is no doubt that hospitality is there for those sea adventurers. Most of the ports and marinas offer state of the art facilities and more than expected with hull-cleaning and repairs, onshore restaurants, security guards, to name a few. Best of all, the waters can be navigated all year round thanks to its exceptional climate.

Marina Berths and Moorings for Sale and Rent – Find your perfect Mooring

Marina Berths and Moorings for Sale and Rent - Find your perfect Mooring
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Country: Tenerife
Address: Tenerife
Berth Id: 20759
Concession Ends: 2030
For Sale/Rent: Sale
Reference: YR1508FM - D2
Size: 12 x 4
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